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Bentley Historical Library

1150 Beal Ave. Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2113

I am honored to have been asked to include my name among these well-known and noted personalities. My collection, University of Michigan Historical Collection, Julia Makarem Papers,  which I have donated to the Bentley Historical Library, is from my years of association with the American Druze Society of North America. 

My papers include the years I was twice the National President of the American Druze Society, (1961-1962) and (1998-1999), as well as the years I was on the National Board of Directors.  My collection also includes publications, year books, pictures, and minutes of meetings scanning nine decades, i.e., from the inception of the Society to present day, as well as some of the records of the El – Bakaurat ed-Dirziyat, the precursor to the American Druze Society .