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The concentration of A Druze Profile included in this paper was on the question “What the impact on the Druze community settled abroad is keeping in view the changing time, technology, ideology, and various social systems.”  History has proven the Druze are as fiercely tenacious in preserving their identity in the United States as they have always been in Lebanon and other countries of the Middle East.  As proof of their steadfastness, they have never abandoned their traditions during the one thousand years of their history. The Druze have undergone upheavals throughout this one thousand year period, and in time of war, as in time of peace, they have never faltered from their moral and ethical values.  The original Druze thinking and belief has sustained and prevailed at home and abroad for one thousand years, and that will continue to endure. I hope that I have left my readers with this same thought from the articles I have gathered on the Druzes. I have tried to consider all aspects of the American Druze heritage, and I have presented and answered those which are most sought after. This work was not just for the American Druzes; on the contrary, this work was for all those emigrants and their progeny. – where ever they are.

I dedicated this web site to Mr. Henry Flehan and it is only befitting that I conclude the web site with an article by Henry Flehan, The Roots of the American Druze Society. Mr. Henry Flehan has since passed away. He was one of those early immigrants who was active in the  the ‘El-Bakaurat Ed-Dirziyat organization, as well as the American Druze Society holding a  pivotal role in each  organization’s welfare. He lived in Raleigh, North Carolina. The date of his writing is apparently after 1977 because he says in the beginning of his article, “When this assignment was first given to me, it was a real challenge because no accurate records were kept of either the Bakourah or the Society. I am happy to say that I was able to gather much information regarding both eras. I thank the many members of the American Druze Society who gave me information, and without whom this history could not have been possible. This history is by no means to establish the date or the place of the Druze immigrants first set foot in the United States of America, but to establish a correlation to the period the Druze groups formed in the west, and that which gave impetus and reason to our present American Druze Society. Therefore, it is fair to note that ever since the Druze pioneers came to the new world, they created a new demographical status, whether they knew this or not. Certainly, the intention was not to be indifferent or independent of their Middle Eastern origin and heritage, but to be much in accordance with the traditions, regardless of the new geographical residence.” “To the benefit of our American born Druze, which this society bears their namesake, I will define in brief the nature of a Druze: It shall always be believed, and never assumed, that the nature of a Druze is correlated to his fidelity and identity regardless of his geographical presence in the world. He is a Druze first and last, wherever you find him. He is a person who can adapt to many cultures, only to enhance his betterment and never lose sight of his identity. He is most covetous of his heritage and entity among other societies in the world. He is proud and most protective of his name, honor, family, country, and friends. He is, and for good reason, referred to in the mother land as Iben Beini Mahroof, meaning The Son of Tribute and Honor. It is reference he so courageously earned through merit and deed. The Druze were and still are a most important part of the history of Lebanon and Syria.”

I hope, therefore, on this web site, that through Mr. Flehan’s efforts, as well as my efforts, they, all the Druze in America and in other countries in the world, will have learned something that they may have questioned about their heritage or culture, and that they have found the answer here.  Then, I will have fulfilled my goal.