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kamal jumblat

The leadership of the Druze community in Lebanon traditionally has been shared by two factions: the Jumblatt (also seen as Junblatt) and the Yazbak family confederations. The community has preserved its cultural separateness by being closely knit socially. The Druzes constituted about 7 percent of the population (153,000) in 1987. Shaykh Muhammad Abu Shaqra was the highest Druze religious authority in Lebanon in 1987, holding the title of Shaykh al Aql. However, the highest Druze leadership was bestowed on Kamal Jumblat until he was killed in 1977. Many books and articles have been written about this great person, however, Nazek Abed, a skilled teacher, historian, and grammarian has written the first dedicated work about Kamal Jumblat in English. Her book, Kamal Jumblat: the Teacher, the Leader is an in-depth work on this great man. Two weeks before his death, exiled Lebanese nationalist leader Raymond Edde warned Jumblatt that the Syrians would kill him and asked him to depart for Paris and help establish a Lebanese government in exile. He declined, saying fatalistically that “the Jumblats are usually killed - they don’t die in their beds.” Jumblat opposed the strong presence of Syrian forces in Lebanon and forces under his control attacked Syrian troops.

Some of Kamal Joumblat philosophical views are expressed in these articles in an interview with Monday Morning, the English Language newspaper in Beirut, Lebanon.  However, since the articles are in Arabic, I am unable to put them on my website. View Arabic.

Kamal Jumblat: The Teacher, The Leader

The Concept of Work

The Sources of Jumblat’s Knowledge and Inspiration