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Michigan Historical Collection

Bentley Historical Library   University Of Michigan
Creator:  Makarem, Julia
Title:  Julia Makarem papers
Inclusive Dates:  1930-2006
Bulk dates       1987-2002
Extent:              4 linear feet and 1 outsized folder
Call Number:  0258 Aa 2; UAm
Language:      Material is in English and Arabic.
Acquisition:     This collection was donated by Julia Mullin Makarem (donor number 9184) in 2002.  Additional material has been received.
Access:             The collection is open to research.
Photographs:   Located in box 2 and oversized folder UAm.
Audio/Visual:    Motion pictures and audio-cassettes located in box 4
Disks:                Located in box 1
Copyright:         Copyright has not been transferred to the Regents of the University of Michigan
Processed by: Charlene Pete, July 2002; M. Ricah Marquez, November 2006

Julia Mullin Makarem, an American born Druze who devoted her life to her people and her Druze faith, was born in Detroit, Michigan.  As a child, she witnessed the formation of the American Druze Society through the work of Druze immigrants including her parents, Farris Mullin (Melhim) and Nagela Farris Mullin, ne Abu Shakra.

In 1962 she met and married Sami Nassib Makarem, a graduate student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  She worked at Comerica Bank until her first child was born.  Together they had four children, two daughters, Sahar and Rand, and twin sons, Samir and Nassib.  In 1962 she was elected National President of the American Druze Society and moved with her husband to Ann Arbor.  In May of 1962, Sami received his Ph.D.

In 1963, Sami and Julia moved with their first child, Sahar, to Lebanon.  They lived in the mountain village, Aytat, and in Beirut.  There she participated in and contributed to many community activities in the fields of education, social work and welfare, especially during the years of war.  She also served as President of the American University of Beirut Women’s Association between 1974-1977.  Then in 1987, the Makarem family moved back to Dearborn, Michigan.  In 1992 she was elected as a National Board Director of the American Druze Society serving until 1998.  She was National President of the organization serving from July 4, 1997 until July 3, 1999.

Makarem also served as a teacher and instructor.  She taught at Lebanon’s American University of Beirut, St. Joseph University, The Harriri Foundation, a Saudi Arabian Philanthropic Academic Program and at Polyglot, a British School.  She was the Georgetown University, Washington, DC advisor to the Georgetown Junior Year Abroad Program at the American University of Beirut.  She has also taught in various schools in America such as Webber Middle School in Detroit and Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan as well as at Baker College.  She taught both secondary schools as part of a “Business Education Partnership” for Comerica Bank. 

Scope and Content Note
The Julia Mullin Makarem papers are divided into four series: Personal, American Druze Society, Publications, and Audio/Visual Material.

The Personal series consists of information on Julia Makarem, her husband, Sami Nassib Makarem, her father-in-law’s calligraphy work, and her uncle, a political and tribal leader of the Druze in Lebanon.  Included are articles about Sami Makarem from “Our Heritage” and a biographical sketch of Julia Makarem.

The American Druze Society series contains general information on the American Druze Foundation, including controversies and issues during Julia Makarem’s presidency of the organization 1997-1999. Many of the files relate to the charitable activities of the Society.

The Publications series includes national and state Druze newsletters and periodicals.

The Audio/Visual series include 8mm films and audiocassette tapes.  They contain images and recordings of American Druze Society conventions, meetings, and picnics.

Box 1

Julia Mullin Makarem: autobiographical essays
Julia Mullin Makarem: Druze Society articles
Julia Mullin Makarem: miscellaneous essays, Michigan State University files,
Julia Mullin Makarem: biographical sketch and personal clippings
Sami Nassib Makarem: article, 1985
Sheikh Nassib Makarem: sample of calligraphy, 1986 (article in Arabic)
Uncle: Arabic article

American Druze Society
American Druze Foundation, 1991-2000 (religious background, pamphlets, miscellaneous)
Annual Meeting, 1992-1998
Board of Directors, 1991-1999 (4 folders)  (missing 1994; transcripts of meetings included with 1999)
Chapters (non-Michigan)
Correspondence, 1984-1986
Foundation of Social Welfare, 1983-1999 (English and Arabic correspondence)
Health Establishment of Druze Community (pamphlets), 1996
IMAN Hospital
1997-1999 (English correspondence, pamphlet)
Arabic Letters
Pamphlets (background), 1984, 1995
Correspondence, 1994, 1998
Tuition Program (correspondence, newsletters), 1994-1997
Salamar Foundation for Social Development
Pamphlets (background), 1998
Correspondence 1998-1999
Le Bulletin de L’ESCO, 1998
Constitution, By-laws and Commandments, 1987-1995 (constitution and By-laws, legal advise, community benefits, ethical commandments, and five principles)
Programs and Invitations, 1947-2002 scattered dates (2 folders)
Convention Roundup, 1998
Statistics and Information, 1997-1998 (interest in conventions chart, information about conventions)
General, 1988-2001 (2 folders) (correspondence to, from, and about Julia Makarem)
Cultural Center (pamphlets, copy of general information of services)

American Druze Society (cont.)
Box 1 (cont.)
Directory of Paid Members 1995-1996, undated (3 folders)
“Druze religious jurisprudence and personal status law” edited by Julia Makarem, 1996 (translated in English by Salman Falah – The Civil Status Laws of the Druze Unifiers. Druzes’ Sect Vital Statistics Ordinance issued in Lebanon on February 24, 1948 and amended on July 2, 1959. Introduction signed by Sagacity Sheikh of Druzes, Hussein Jarbouth) (include computer disks) 
Funds (correspondence, receipts, reports), 1998-1999
Immigration Case (correspondence, an outline of events), 1998
IRS Case, 1997-1999 (3 folders)

Box 2
Legal matters (various) (3 folders) (include Ruth Simons v Sami Merhi)
Mailings (flyers, fundraising letters, updates), 2003-2006
Michigan Chapter ADS (membership log 2000, activities)
Michigan Chapter Ladies Auxiliary Meeting Minutes, 1994-1995
Michigan Chapter miscellaneous
Miscellaneous (5 folders)
National Organization Presidential Election, 2006
Our Heritage (information about newsletter, Arabic writing), undated
Young Druze Professionals Newsletter (newsletters, information on the Shadawi Club), 1995-1996
Baheej Abou-Alhosn
Ali Y Assaf (correspondence), 1997-1999
Fouad Chafic Barakat (correspondence), 1994, 1997-1998
Mr. Abdulhamid Boukhzam (biographical sketch)
Mohamed Khodar Halabi, M.D. (article from Our Heritage), undated
Mark Hamdan (resume), 1992
Dr. Raymond Hamden (biographical sketch)
Sarah Howell, University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate, “Looking for Home in the Global Disorder”
Casey Kasem, 1995, 1997-1999 (photographs, pamphlet-Man of the Year Dinner, correspondence)
Nafe Katter 1979,1983-1984,1989,1992 (photograph, biographic sketch, correspondence)
Chibli El Masri (letter of recommendation), 1998
Fouad Sleem, 1994, 1997-1998, 2001 (English and Arabic correspondence)
1992,1995,1997-1998 (various ADS activities, Individuals - Jamiil Salman, Ali Amen, Widad Salman, Yusuf Bomorra, Hissan Bomorra Yusuf, Julia Makarem, Sami Makarem)

American Druze Society (cont.)
Photographs (cont.)
Box 2 (cont.)

Photograph of Julia Makarem, Casey Kasem, Munir Kasem, 1994 (in outsized folder UAm)
Group portraits of Druze conventions and other gatherings, 1930-1946 (scattered) (in oversize folder UAm)
Joseph Bomorra, businessman, undated
Presidential Reports, 1996-1999
President’s file, 1997-1998 (2 expandable folders) (formerly in binders)
Realia, buttons

Box 3
Yearbook articles, 1998-1999
Yearbook correspondence, 1998-1999
Yearbooks, 1980, 1990-1999

Our Heritage, 1980-1998
The Heritage
ADS Southern California Chapter Newsletter, 1991, 1998
AUB Bulletin and other American University of Beirut publications, 1980s-2002

Box 4
DOCO Newsletter, 2001-2002
ADS Michigan Chapter Newsletter - Al-Risalah, 2001-2002
The Arabic Progress (Nahdat Al-Arab) (in oversize folder UAm)
First Mihrajan of Al-Bayan, 1947 (in English and Arabic)
Newspaper Articles (in oversize folder UAm)
St. George Syrian Orthodox Church 25th Anniversary, 1947
Serials (in Arabic)

Audio Visual Recordings
Sound cassettes
American Druze Society “Bs meets”, July 1, 1998
Board of Directors Meeting, January 10, 1998 (3 cassettes) 
Conference Call: Board, For my letter to Faouzi Mokarem
S.H.A.D.A.W.I. Club, 1996
Motion pictures (8 mm)
Aunt Helen’s Williamsburg Picnic, Convention 1969 (4 rolls)
Detroit Convention, 1966, and Washington, D.C. Convention, 1965
Detroit Picnics, July 4, 1962 and 1964, and Flushing Picnic, July 4, 1963
Detroit Picnic, July 4, 1965 (2 rolls)%pfe
Flint Convention 1961, Helen Dow
Florida, 1960s
Unknown Convention and Aunt Najila, 1960s
Sahar, Rand, Julie, September 1965, first half